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Autumn has arrived at Loch Ness and as I cosy up with my latest project I can't help but dream of yarn travels. One of the things I really enjoy in conversations with our summer visitors is getting recommendations for festivals and shops to see on my own travels.

Here are some ideas I have so far, but I'd love to hear your suggestions.

1 Bergen Knitting Festival.

This has been on the wishlist for a few years and I've got so close to going. I want to combine it with a larger Nordic exploration trip, so I'm open to ideas for how to extend this.

2 Shetland Wool Week

This is one that I should have been to already because it is very close to me. The timing never works for me to go in person but I always love following along online.

3 Nottingham Yarn Xpo

I have been a few times. The location and the timing work perfectly for me. I combine this with catching up with friends who live nearby and the whole weekend is a delight. Aside from the yarn my annual afternoon in the local cat cafe is the best!

4 Reykjavik Knitting Festival

This is a brand new festival and I'm so excited to see how it goes. So far the information has been spot on and it looks like there is a great selection of authentic vendors.

5 Glasgow School of Yarn

A selection of authentic quality indie yarn plus some of Glasgow's finest historical architecture. This festival ticks my boxes in so many ways. Being based in the Highlands its a long journey for visits from friends but Glasgow has good transport links that allows us to kind of meet in the middle. 3 hours train time to knit is just an added bonus!

I'd love to hear which festival you have enjoyed and which are on your wish list.

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