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The Loch Shawl

Living on the shores of Loch Ness attracts many visitors, from monster hunters to historians. In recent years we've been delighted to welcome an increasing number of fans of the Outland books and TV series. The early books being in the area near Loch Ness and many of the TV scenes are filmed in Scottish locations at Historic Scotland properties.

Loch Ness Knitting is a featured stop on the local Outlander attractions visitor map. My methods of working sustainable natural dyes draw on traditional techniques and I'm often able to answer questions for people seeking authentic textile and wool related experiences.

I always enjoy seeing other designers work with Loch Ness Knitting products so I was thrilled when Kate Whiting got in touch with an idea for an Outlander inspired design.

We talked about colours and weights, I advised a cosy shawl due to the cold damp weather we often get by the Loch.

Kate has a number of Outland inspired shawl, cowl and accessory projects. She's a huge fan of the books and the TV series and her work reflects this genuine enthusiasm. Her design for The Loch shawl is simple, and easy enough for beginner knitters.

The colour changes and blue edge represent the water of Loch Ness lapping against the shawl. The earth colours of the main shawl are given a cosy texture that represents the wood and heather covered hillsides that surround Loch Ness. The Loch Shawl Kit contains everything you need to cast on a make this warm Winter ready shawl.

Don't forget to share photos of your finished shawls with me on Instagram and Facebook.

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