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The Jolly Narwhal Hat Kit

This week I've been sharing the stories behind some of the knitting and crochet kits that I sell at Loch Ness Knitting. These kits are the result of conversations with visitors to my studio in Drumnadrochit. I appreciate the feedback they have given me about looking for kits for beginners, items to easily make to provide lovely holiday memories, and easy knits that will make great gifts.

The Jolly Narwhal Hat Kit was designed by me to use just one skein of my sustainable naturally hand dyed chunky yarn from the Cafe Collection.

It's never too early or too late to start exploring the world of naturally dyed yarn!

The Narwhal design is created using simple mock cable stitches sitting proudly against a wavy purl backdrop.

My aim for this design was to create a fun hat that would appeal to all ages and was easy enough for beginner knitting.

This was a request from visitors who were looking for a gift to inspire the next generation of knitters. Or a simple project to try out using naturally dyed yarn for the first time.

The cost of the kit and the bulk is kept down by keeping all the elements of the kit simple; yarn, needles and pattern in a recyclable brown bag instead of a Loch Ness Knitting cotton tote bag.

The small size of the kit is also handy for visitors who are quickly filling up their luggage allowance with yarn!

I used chunky yarn in the design because it is so quick to make up and easy to keep track of stitches. Having taught a few beginners myself I know that they feel reassured by being able to count stitches and spot any escaping dropped stitches quickly. I also feel that a quick win, or finished item is a huge help when encouraging new knitters. Even experienced knitters take months to finish sweaters and blankets but newer knitters often don't realise this and get discouraged.

So good luck to all those first time projects and please share your photos so we can cheer you on!

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