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Autumn and harvest festivals are a special time in my calendar as I express gratitude for the wonderful food that we've grown, the friends we have, my amazing customers and the support we receive from the wider creative community.

Being 'the boss' can be daunting and overwhelming at times, but for the most part I absolutely love being the person who decides how my time will be spent and what kind of business I will be.

So a huge part of my business identity is to share positivity and be supportive of other small businesses.

I do this through my everyday partnerships with local Loch Ness businesses and my creative collaborations on projects such as the Aural Textiles project.

You don't have to make huge donations to make a difference to your community.

Small gestures from a few kind words on social media, a recommendation to a customer or a small investment can make a big difference.

This week, as part of my activities of Harvest celebration and gratitude I've made 2 small donations. One to the Loch Ness Hub, a local community run project to enhance visitor experiences in the area, create jobs and enhance genuine local experiences via slow tourism.

My second donation is to Lend With Care. They provide micro financing to entrepreneurs around the world, helping people to follow their dreams, set up businesses and create employment for others.

I've been a lender for years and I love the close relationship they have with the people who receive these loans. I'm not worried about my investment disappearing into admin fees and faceless projects. Instead I get details of which projects I want to support and follow ups on how they are doing.

As a creative business I love to seek out other textile and artisan makers to support. The micro loan arrangement respects people skills and dignity. Every time I receive a repayment I cheer for another small business that is out there doing well.

So if you are looking for ideas about how you can support small local businesses check out micro loans where your small donations make a huge difference.

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