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Summer Solstice

It's a blissful dry June evening as we leave the house.

We cross over the A82, a usually busy trunk road, now empty of traffic.

As we begin to walk up out of the village we pass two fields on the opposite side of the road.

I think the first field contains Simmental steers in the second year of rearing.

They have a good view of the Shinty pitch next door.

The next field has Highland cattle, cows and calves. The cows are settling down to sleep in the long cool grass. Two of the calves are not ready for bed yet, they are playing and head scratching each other in the evening light.

We continue along the gently rising path, passing two more fields that are now resting in fallow rotation.

We turn right into the woodland and our path is dark as we walk beneath plantation trees. We take a familiar steeply rising path through the close growing Norwegian pine.

Suddenly the trees disappear, we reach the crown of the path and the edge of land recently harvested for trees.

The full evening horizon is open before us.

A day of mixed weather has left the remnants of Stratus cloud across the sky.

The long and lazy waves of the setting sun displaying a beautiful array of pinks, golds and oranges along the clouds.

The gradual motion of the sunset changing the colours every few moments.

At the peak of our walk we reach a viewpoint overlooking Loch Ness. The evening is still and we are the only observers. Bats fly past every few seconds, an owl calls to my right, the midges are thrilled at the appearance of a late night buffet.

Eventually our peace is broken by the arrival of another couple, some neighbours from the village who plan to camp overnight. We exchange greetings and begin our descent.

At the bottom of the rocky viewpoint we pass a field of sleep sheep.

The slow slow sun continues to settle as we make our way home.

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