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Scrap Yarn Wall Hanging

I'm always looking for new ways to use up scrap yarn at the end of a project, and promote a zero waste approach to craft to craft at home.

I was recently working on a new collection of Textured Crochet Patterns and had been using the colours of my sustainable hand dyed Cafe Collection. I love the way that these natural colours work together and was delighted to has a few scraps to play with.

If you have been following along with previous posts you'll have seen the recent bedroom makeover, and probably noted a wee space left that was just shouting for a new piece of art to fill it. Of course I've still got boxes of posters, prints and photos to put up but I really wanted to celebrate the yarn. So I made a wall hanging.

First I gathered together all my scrappy pieces of yarn.

Some of these had been made up into i-cord lengths for another project that I'd recently completed.

I also found a beautiful piece of driftwood from a recent walk down by Loch Ness.

I also had some wooden beads, string and an invisible hook for hanging.

I roughly organised my yarn into colours and cut some of the mini balls into lengths.

I used the rough measure of my spread arms to get an even length on the yarn.

I knew I wanted to add texture using the beads and the i-cord.

As I lay the yarn out I saw that there was potential for some simple braid work too.

I played around with combinations to find a pleasing spread of colour across the piece.

I didn't want all the darks at one end, or all the features in one place.

I made the bead and braid features up before assembling the finished piece.

I'm really happy with this new addition to my bedroom wall of art. Husband says it reminds him of a Highland Cow which I don't see but I appreciate the critique.

I hope I've inspired you to save some scraps from the bin and used them for something beautiful and creative instead.

Please share your comments and finished projects below or tag me in your socials.

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