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Refresh Denim

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I've previously written about the Trouble with Textiles and used denim as an example of a fabric which requires a huge energy and water input, only for it to be casually discarded.

This is such a waste given the time, energy and skill that goes into creating Denim.

Plus it is such a useful and hardwearing fabric, and it's easy to pick up second hand jeans and jackets using resale platforms like Depop. Check out my previous post for Top Tips on finding the best Depop bargains.

Often when I find a vintage or secondhand item it needs a little fixing or a makeover to really give it a new lease of life. I recently revamped this jacket by adding some hand stitched embroidery. I used the flowers in my garden as inspiration and if you look closely you can spot our wild roses, cornflowers, clover and thistles plus many more.

For more photos of this finished project check out my Instagram @lochnessknits and other socials.

If you have a finished denim makeover you'd like to share please add it to the comments below.

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