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Knitting, dyeing and yarn are my passion but occasionally I branch out into other textile projects. Sewing is a nice break for my hands and wrists after all the yarn work. My sewing skills are practical, born from the need to fix and alter, mostly shorten, my clothes.

Every so often I have the time and the resources for a pure fun project like a quilt. Just recently I was organising some boxes and found a quilt that I made years ago.

This is a memory quilt made from the remains of my daughters school uniform. The purple letters are from the cord trousers that she wore everyday of her primary education. We loved those trousers and they lasted for years!

If you think the letters don't make sense then don't worry, that is the Gaelic alphabet. My daughter was in a Gaelic medium school, meaning Gaelic was the first language for education in the classroom.

The Gaelic alphabet does not contain Latin letters J, K, Q, V, X, Y, Z. The letters in the Gaelic alphabet are given tree names, so I used the remains of my daughter green school jumper to make the leaves for each letter.

You can also spot some MacIntosh inspired roses in the corners.

The background for the letters and triangle pieces are made from her favourite Princess Fairy duvet cover, the gingham from her school dresses and Grandmas favourite curtains.

The ribbon border was from the wrapping on a Christmas gift basket. All the sewing was done on my machine, which was an Upcycle group find by my husband. I still use this machine, its probably the best birthday present he's ever given me.

It was a wonderful trip down memory lane to meet this quilt again. I gave it a good airing and then popped it back into storage, hopefully waiting for the day when we teach the Gaelic alphabet to the next generation.

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