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Monday is the worst

In case you are not aware running a small creative business comes with a surprising amount of admin. Whilst I have the kind of mind that enjoys order, spreadsheets, colour coding and alphabetising things it is still a stretch for me to get excited about paperwork and filing.

Rather than take a small dose of mental cod liver oil each day I have chosen to save mine up and take one hefty glug every Monday. So Monday is admin day (insert sound of deflating ballon here)

To stop this day from turning into a complete energy sucking vortex I also chose to put alongside it one of my favourite activities, Yoga Nidra.

I've been practicing yoga for health and wellbeing since I was 17 and having my first experience of serious exam melt down stress. I've practised with a number of online and in person teachers and I'm now pretty good a figuring out quickly if someones 'relaxing' tone is going to grate on my nerves for the next 45 minutes or not.

Fortunately yoga teacher Charlotte Esme made the cut and has been my guiding light for at least the last 6 years. I've lost count of the exact date. Charlotte is an extremely knowledgeable teacher who lives and breathes her work. One of the ways she has helped to develop my practise is by introducing me to Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a practice of guided meditation and relaxation, which was particularly helpful for me when I was injured and unable to complete the physical practice for these benefits. Nowadays I consider it an essential part of my overall routine, it helps me to manage stress, unlock creativity and calm cycles of negative overthinking. Although I have a fixed session every Monday one of the great things about Charlottes work is that she offers her practice online and gives both Live and pre-recorded sessions. So I can practice at home whenever it suits me, and if I miss the scheduled Live slot I can always catch up later.

If you have tried mediation before and given up you are not alone! Many people struggle and give up because they are aiming for the idea of an empty mind or quiet thoughts. When I tried a similar approach I also struggled, I'm an over thinking, over analysing self talker. So what works for me with Charlotte's Yoga Nidra is that the session are guided. Instead of trying to crush my thoughts I'm gently carried through a series of imagining and visualising thoughts. This feels purposeful but still relaxing, and I often awake from the practice bursting with creative thoughts.

So I hope you give it a try and that your Monday (or other sucky day) is a little calmer and more peaceful.

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