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Mending for wearing

If anyone manages to design and make a pair of shorts that my husband won't destroy I'd be extremely grateful.

In the meantime I've learned a number of useful mending techniques to fix the various rips and wear patches on his canvas and denim shorts.

Today I'm using the Japanese Sashko style to patch and reinforce using denim. Sashko is an intricate and highly skilled form of mending that aims to leave a beautiful and visible finish. There are many fine examples to be found by searching on social media.

My mending is influenced and in awe of the technique but not a strict interpretation.

The first step is to turn the shorts inside out some I'm working on the wrong side.

I then cut and pin denim patches to cover the ripped or worn area and generously overlap the surrounding fabric.

The stitches, overlap and hardwearing denim should create a reinforcement as well as a repair. With the aim of extending the life of these shorts.

The denim is pinned with the right side showing through the outer rip.

I then hand sew multiple tiny stitches across the denim and the existing fabric.

I'm working on the wrong side but regularly turn my work to check the right side.

If I was working true Sashko I'd be using a contrasting thread, such as white or cream against the blue.

My husband prefers a more discreet style but doesn't ask for a totally invisible fix.

So we compromise with black and blue threads.

It takes about an hour to complete each fix so it's a happy Sunday afternoon job. I could make the stitches more elaborate by following the Sashko style and working horizontally.

There are at least 2 more pairs waiting in the mending pile for my attention so I get lots practice!

I'd love to see your make do and mend projects, and other ideas to extend the life and love for your clothing.

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