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It's beginning to look a lot like...

Don't worry I'm not about to start talking about seasonal holiday knitting just yet.

After the hottest May in years June has arrived and brought with it a months worth of rain. Our waterbutts are refilled and overflowing, good news for our garden seedlings that all seem to have sprouted at once. They must have felt the rain coming on.

The change of weather came with a distinct chill and I was secretly delighted to see my daughter pull on her most recent Christmas jumper.

Hastily knitted and finished in December 2019 I hadn't expected it to make an appearance on the domestic catwalk for months.

The pattern is Ishav by Maria Strikker. I knitted it up using a selection of my Woodland Collection yarn, dyed using sustainable natural dye from the Loch Ness Woodlands.

I doesn't do to make too much of a fuss at these sort of sightings. Teenagers startle more easily than deer. So I quietly admire the jumper and it's model from a distance while we watch last nights Sewing Bee and work on our current projects. Me the Hoxton sweater and her an Emily Peacock Cross stitch.

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