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Herbs around the house

Many people are switched on to the benefits of using fresh herbs in cooking, you can't beat the intensity of flavour that comes from a sprig of fresh rosemary. You may also be adding or buying beauty products using herbal and botanical ingredients.

As always, check the labels for the origins and authenticity of these ingredients! Plants, herbs and flowers have similar issues to food when it comes to sustainability, carbon footprint and worker conditions. So if possible buy directly from the person growing or creating the product, and you'll know more about what you are buying.

Many herbs started out as weeds before humans began to understand and cultivate them for kitchen, medicinal or cosmetic use. This means they are easy to grow at home and indoors, they also tend to prefer conditions of neglect over intensive care. Like all plants they are seasonal, so if you are growing at home you may experience an abundant harvest during the summer. You can of course freeze or dry your herbs during an abundant time, but I love to bring mine into the house in other ways.

Here are some ideas for you to try at home:

1) Cut lavender in your bedroom to promote a peaceful nights sleep.

I don't use cut flowers in the bedroom as they can disturb sleep but cut or growing lavender is a great alternative.

My grandma always smelled of lavender so the scent has fond memories for me as well as a blissful calming effect.

2) Fresh Rosemary bundles in the kitchen or shower.

Rosemary responds well to steamy settings to release its natural oils.

I hang a generous bundle in my shower to freshen the whole bathroom, which is a pleasant alternative to using air freshener or sprays.

The cat litter for our 2 cats is kept in the bathroom and the room gets ripe without some intervention. I find Rosemary and other woody stemmed herbs, such as Thyme and Bay, provide substantial neutralising natural scents.

They are also not floral, which is something my husband appreciates.

If you don't want to hang you could grow Rosemary or Bay in the bathroom. They both like to absorb moisture from the air around it so are great bathroom plants if you have a light room.

3) Herb pockets around the house.

Different herb combinations can be tucked under pillows, next to cushions or on a desk corner.

There have been studies supporting the traditional use of herbs to promote rest, digestion, memory and concentration.

Whenever my daughter is studying for exams I make sure she had Rosemary pockets in her room and under her pillow to promote memory.

Please share your ideas for using herbs around the house below.

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