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Finding your own voice is something crucial to every maker, but it's easy to become paralysed with awe, envy and self-doubt particularly if your focused on social media as a point of contact or a source of inspiration.

So I don't follow many people in the yarn world in my personal socials because I would spend all my time admiring their beautiful work instead of concentrating on my own

I still use Instagram more than any other social media but instead of yarn stuff I love to have a stream of images and thoughts from a huge range of musicians, artists, photographers and campaigners.

So please allow me to introduce you to some of my favourites:

Creative Me Podcast - this podcast from Ica Headlam focuses on Aberdeen based creatives and has been great at introducing me to some new talent. It also gives an overview of how the creative making business and funding works in Scotland, which can be really helpful when you are struggling to understand the latest round of funding descriptors!

Mikaela a Loach @mikaelaaloach - a passionate campaigner for climate change, civil rights, human rights, sustainability and equality. Challenging me to think and do better!

Sylvia Watts-Cherry @withcherriesontoptoo - knitwear designer who loves Intarsia, something which I don't do much of but like to admire from a far. Very a far, as I find Intarsia quite intimidating, but definitely check out Sylvia's work which is full of vibrant colour and clever designs.

Everyday Africa @everdayafrica - simply the most stunning and thought provoking gallery of images from photographers based in Africa.

Shikira Alleyne-Samuel - textile artist and tutor. Last year I was visited by a craft cruise group from Canada for a session on hand dyeing yarn to be used in their Punch Needle project. It always interests me to see what other craft makers and artists do with the ingredient that I make. So I followed up their visit by learning a bit more about the Punch Needle work and following Kreative Pursuits on Instagram. Colourful, modern but accessible for even a total beginner.

Lorna Hamilton-Brown - textile artist, machine knitter and freestyle crochet queen. I was really impressed by Lorna's work around the Radio 4 Archers storyline of domestic violence and coercive control.

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