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I adore clothes and fashion but I don't like 'fast fashion'. I don't like the ethical and sustainable issues that lie behind this high resource retail model. Generally speaking I don't like the style either. I've spent a long time finding my own voice and style, I enjoy finding fashion that makes me smile and communicates individuality. So I source most of my wardrobe from secondhand and vintage sellers.

My first stop for any 'new' look is my mums wardrobe. She lives downstairs and has rooms full of originals for me to hunt through. It's a favourite activity for my daughter and I to play dress up in Grandmas Vintage Shop.

I also give lots of to love to my local charity shops and secondhand sellers, being based in the Scottish Highlands means we don't have a huge amount of choice here. So I also use online platforms like Ebay and Depop.

Depop is one of the platforms offering a 'fast fashion' alternative to a young teen to twenties audience, but they don't ask for ID so it's easy for a more mature customer like myself to spot a bargain.

Here are my Top Tips for getting the best bargains on the Depop platform:

  • Beware Drop Shipping - as always anyone offering multiple sizes on the same item on these resale platforms is likely to be drop shipping. If you are looking for original style steer clear of these sellers!

  • Unlike Ebay which requires filters items using size, fabric type and colour Depop uses hashtag style filters. Search terms like "Floaty Dress" or "Cottagecore" are more productive than "floral" "cotton" "medium".

  • The visual searching style means posts are photo heavy, most posts have multiple views and use a real person.

  • Sizing. The best thing I can say about size information on Depop is that it tends to be flexible. It's common to see a dress shown on a UK8-10 model, listed for a size 12 and then (if the actual measurements are included) measure up as an 18. So I don't tend to use size as a search filter, instead I take the time to look at the listing details. If size is really important send a message. The same applies to fabric content, washing instructions etc.

  • Messages. Buyers and Sellers and more communicative on Depop that any of the other platforms I use. This open style means there are deals to be struck.

  • Know your labels. Having spent many hours reading, loving, watching fashion I know the brands I like, past and present. The majority of Depop sellers don't know what they have, and in a way that's really good because items are being sold based on wearability. Again this means that you may have to spend the time scrolling through #vintage rather than being able to jump straight to #lauraashley.

Finally...Amazing Denim. I love to see denim thriving in a secondhand marketplace. It's the perfect fabric to be reloved, reused and reworn time and time again. Whether you're looking for branded jeans or a generic jacket this platform is an absolute treasure trove of denim at seriously low prices.

Enjoy your pre-loved fashion and feel free to share you favourite finds in the comments below.

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