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Cider Apple Swap

Today I've been taking some time away from dyeing to get out and about and show some support to other local businesses. It's a tough time for everyone just now so taking a few minutes to share a few kind words means everything.

At Loch Ness Knitting I rely on other businesses for many of my dyeing materials, and to provide accommodation and refreshments to our course participants. We enjoy being able to shop locally and to be able to recommend so many high quality authentic products to our visitors.

It's lovely to 'pass' a customer on to the next local business, knowing how important every single sale is to a small business.

But it's not just customers and recommendations that we share!

Today I had the fun job of dropping our apple harvest off with the local cider company, Caledonian Cider.

Our apple trees get minimal interaction from us but seem to have had a bumper crop anyway.

There are only so many pies and crumbles that I have time to make so this morning we gathered in the remaining crop and dropped off for the apple swap.

This is a great idea to help local gardeners and community orchards to have a zero waste process. Apple trees often fall into neglect when homeowners get older or fall ill and are unable to get out and process a harvest.

Local swap schemes are a wonderful way to ensure that excess fruit is not wasted and a lovely way to stay connected with the community.

I'd love to hear more about barter and swap ideas in your local communities that are helping to share produce and support zero food waste at home.

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