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Cast on - Carbeth Cardigan

Today is the start of a new project. I'm casting on the Carbeth Cardigan from Kate Davies Designs. This is a cropped cardigan using a bulky yarn, so I'm anticipating a quick knit.

I'm making this using two yarns held together to create the bulky yarn.

The heavier weight yarn is popular with customers looking for quick knits. I'm planning to use this as a display sample to show how to create the bulky weight and a unique look by using multi strands.

I'm using British Blue Faced Leicester in Double Knit weight from my Cafe Collection of dyes. The colour combination is Daisy and Plum.

I'll also be modifying the design to add a zip instead of buttons to the finished garment. Look out for a future post on that!

As with all new projects I've started by making a swatch, or 3. I usually make one swatch with the needle size recommended by the pattern and then go one higher and lower to check my gauge.

This is also helpful if a pattern is changing needle size at any point.

I tend to knit quick and tight so often have to go up a size. In this case the pattern is recommending a 6.5mm. However I checked the other projects on Ravelry and noticed that many of them had dropped down a needle size.

In the photo the top swatch is US 10.5 or 6.5mm. Middle swatch US 10 or 6mm. Lower swatch US 9 0r 5.5mm.

I'm going to go with the middle swatch needle size of US 10 or 6mm for this project. This matches the pattern gauge and the swatch feels firm without being too tight. The Carbeth Cardigan is designed as outerwear so I'm aiming for a finished fabric that has a similar weight and draped to a wool tweed.

Keep following for more posts on this project and the zip modification!

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