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Bedroom Makeover - Part 2 Wall

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my bedroom makeover where I shared details of repairing and reusing some furniture pieces to increase storage and improve the space in my bedroom.

When I was evaluating the Master Bedroom for the makeover I didn't just think about storage. I spent a lot of time thinking about how we currently use (or avoid) the space and how we would like to use it.

I realised that we had been using the space as an overflow for things like bedlinen from other areas of the house. This can't be avoided as we host guests for Airbnb during the summer. We also had a functional vibe to the room and wouldn't hang out there. This is something is was really keen to change because I work from home, running my natural sustainable yarn dyeing business Loch Ness Knitting.

Our house is often host to Airbnb guests, course participants and customers during the busy visitor season. I love welcoming so many new people to the Scottish Highlands, and sharing our home with them. However I am an introvert and at the end of the day I long for a quiet place to restore my energy.

So this was a huge incentive to create not just a cleaner and more effective space, but one that felt calming and restorative.

Having transformed the drawers to a clean white using chalk paint (see bedroom makeover part 1) I immediately noticed the increase of light in the room.

Many house in the Scottish Highlands build the upper storey into the eaves of the roof, giving these sloped ceilings. They make beautiful cosy bedrooms but mean that you are limited in options for furniture placements. Especially if you have a tall husband like mine!

When we moved in I choose the dark grey as an accent colour to enhance the cosy feeling at night. One of the special things about summer in the Highlands is that daylight hours extend well into the evening, and midsummer feels more like twilight. Although this is an enchanting experience many people like me find it effects their sleep patterns and they struggle to get a deep sleep during the light nights. So a dark room was one of the solutions, however this dark wall also meant that the room was unnaturally dark during the day and it was undermining the idea of using this room as a restorative sanctuary space.

The dark wall had to go!

It took 3 coats of Dulux Rock Salt colour, on a very hot day but I did it!

The difference of light in the room is incredible, instead of a dark cave I have a light bright oasis of calm.

The other major step was to finally hang our collection of photos and art. This was a huge step in terms of making the room a restorative space. Instead of feeling energetically drained I am refilled by the happy memories of travels with friends and family.

Overall the room feels like a much better reflection of where we are in our lives and the way that we use our space.

And the sleeping issue?... I've made a lovely eye-mask.

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