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Bedroom Makeover - Part 1 Furniture

Although I work from home with my business Loch Ness Knitting I usually work outside, particularly during the summer months. I'm normally giving demonstrations or teaching workshops on my sustainable natural dyeing techniques or busy selling yarn.

This year was different and without the visitors I had a the time to step back and take a look at my surroundings. We hadn't decorated since moving in, and our lives have changed so much since then. My intentions and feelings for some of the spaces have changed, this was strongest in our Master Bedroom.

When we first decorated the priority was on preparing the public areas of the house, and our bedroom concept was purely functional. It also ended up being a dumping ground as other rooms had to remain clutter free for guests and visitors. Overall I felt it was looking messy and tired, and in need of a makeover.

The first thing I did was look at the storage, to try and understand why the room was feeling cluttered and messy.

I realised that some of the pieces were broken, a couple of drawers were not working so they weren't being used. We also had pictures that had been waiting for hanging since we moved in. Finally we also have more bedding than the average household because we host guests through Airbnb during the summer. This takes up space but needs to be accessible, this was the only storage issue.

I never want to buy new pieces if I can avoid it so the first thing I did was repair those drawers with Gorilla Glue to see if that brought back the right level of storage.

Then I painted the drawers with Ingilby Chalk Paint it took 3 coats to cover the blue, but there was plenty left in the tin and it dried in under an hour each time.

I then rearranged the furniture to make better use of the space. I consider myself pretty low maintenance but I enjoy self care time on a Sunday with various hair and skin treats. When I had been looking at clutter I realised these were taking up a lot of space but were also pushed into a dark corner.

Fortunately my daughter is heading off to university soon and was completing her own bedroom makeover packing up her school items. She has been studying really hard during exams and one big change she wanted to make was to move her desk out of her room. Personally I don't like to have working and studying spaces in a bedroom if I can help it as I find the energy to be very conflicting. So I was really pleased she wanted to make this change, and I repurposed her desk to become my new vanity table.

Much of the beauty and skin care clutter is now tucked away in those wee baskets, I will admit that I found some old products that had to be thrown away. Yuck! Don't use old products on your skin!

I'm so pleased with this transformation, it feels like a new space. I finally feel like my husband and I are getting a grown up sanctuary instead of sleeping in a storage cupboard.

Please share photos of your own makeover projects and don't forget to check out part 2.

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