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Becoming a zero waste crafter

I'm passionate about transforming our home crafting activities into a more sustainable zero waste process. I do this by educating and promoting an awareness of where our materials come from, the carbon footprint that occurs when they travel to us and the impact of our waste.

With so much information about reducing, recycling and 'going green', it can be confusing knowing where to start.

The scale of the problem can also seem overwhelming, and you may be left wondering what difference your actions will make.

I'd like to reassure you that, whilst large scale change is needed, your individual actions are still worthwhile. They also help to contribute to the general understanding that becoming more responsible for the environmental impact of our choices is an important move.

If you are wondering where to start I suggest you begin by becoming more aware of waste. You may already be taking part in a domestic recycling plan but do you apply this to your craft projects?

To begin your awareness I suggest having a separate container for you wool, yarn, thread of fabric waste. This will keep it clean and dry, and away from your household waste.

It may be that you still end up adding this to your household waste, but before you do insert a pause. Take a look at how much your project has created, ask yourself if there is anything that could be used in another way?

Perhaps you have some tiny scraps of yarn that could be used in a stranded decoration, maybe those fabric scraps could be joined together to make a larger piece?

Just by separating your waste and inserting that question you will begin to build awareness about waste and start your journey towards zero waste crafting.

Please share your tips on reusing and reducing craft waste in the comments or pop over to my social media.

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