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5 Things I will be making this year

1) Something for myself, probably a cardigan. In the Autumn and Winter I wear my Aidez cardigan as a 3rd layer to stave off the chills. I like the slightly chunky knit and just adore the cables. Mine was made in 2016 and has had regular wear so is looking a bit tired now. I'll be making a similar cabled, aran weight, open fronted option, probably in pink.

2) Homeware. I tend to make garments and accessories but my daughter will be going off to university soon and I'd like to give her a cushion or blanket to decorate her room.

I plan to use my hand dyed yarn from the Cafe Collection because her first job was working in the local cafe where I source the dye materials.

3) Socks. When I first started knitting socks I tried lots of fancy patterns and experiments. Nowadays I tend to stick to simple and functional, and I've made the same pairs so many times I have the pattern memorised. They are a quick knit and I've not found a commercial pair of socks that can match hand made for comfort and durability when I'm out in the woods.

4) Christmas jumper for my daughter. I make one every year. Last year she wanted a subtle design so I made Ishav. This year I'm enjoying working with textures so I'd like to make something with pompoms or super chunky yarn. As she's grown up around knitting it helps that she knows to start looking a patterns and dropping hints in July. No matter how early I start I will still end up knitting or sewing up on Christmas Eve.

5) Something that has been in my queue for ages. This beautiful top has been patiently waiting for me to get around to it since April 2014. Will 2020 finally be the year?

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