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5 minute fix - Plastic Bags

I seem to have a house full of plastic bags at the moment. Despite having many reusable ones we've suddenly got hundreds of the plastic ones too. I think they are like Tribbles and are multiplying as soon as I take my eyes off them!

On of the really annoying things about this is that they would normally go back to the supermarket but right now they can't. So I've got to find an alternative way to deal with them before they take over my kitchen.

So I've bought some outdoor cushion covers. You could easily make these by reusing any waterproof fabric from raincoats to tents.

These were a lucky second hand but as new find. A handy reminder to check out the homeware sections of your secondhand stores as well as the fashion department.

I'm filling it up with all of my plastic bags. I know that there is a lot of air in there that will get flattened out so I'm creating pockets.

I'm using one large bag stuffed with another 5 then sealing and placing that into the cushion cover.

It's a quick project that puts all of the plastic in one place usefully. Keeping it out of the way of children and pets until it can be recycled.

Everything is waterproof so I don't need to worry about leaving them out in the garden during the wet Scottish summer.

All done in less than 5 minutes!

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